Charlevoix Co Sheriff’s Office Asking for Help in Finding Cat Abuser

A cat was found spray painted and abused in Charlevoix County.

Now the Sheriff’s Office is trying to find out who did it.

The Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control are asking for your help.

Two women saw the kitten late Monday night.

They were able to catch him on Jefferson Street near North Street in Boyne City.

They quickly discovered it was in very bad shape.

“I’m like we got to do something.”

Stacy Wicker and Corinna Matelski took action Monday after seeing a cat wandering late at night.

“She’d seen the cat on the road and thought it was all full of blood,” Matelski says. “In that little marsh right there is where the cat ran into to. So we tried to lure it in with a cheeseburger from McDonald’s and it came maybe about three feet from us and wouldn’t get any closer to us.”

After setting up a live trap, and receiving help from friends, they were able to catch the cat and take it to Animal Control first thing in the morning.

“They discovered not only was the cat painted with some kind of spray paint, but the cats tail was broken in several places to the point where the vet had to amputate the cats tail because of the damage,” says Sheriff Don Schneider. “I believe someone is deliberately torturing the animals out there and specifically this cat and maybe others.”

While the cat recovers at a local vet, the Charlevoix Area Humane Society gets ready to hopefully give the cat a loving home.

“I think one of the things is probably the safest situation right now. It’s under good medical care and good medical direction, and we’ve had an unbelievable response on our social media of folks who want to help and take care of this animal,” says Executive Director Scott MacKenzie. “There are people that do bad things but there are also people that so wonderful things and the person that rescued this cat, she and her friends, that’s the silver lining in this whole thing. To reassure you there are good people in the world and to help you restore your faith.”

“I’m just hoping if we can get this out there and people are aware of what’s going we can stop a little more of this from happening,” says Stacy Wicker.

Anyone with information about this kitten is asked to contact the Charlevoix County Animal Control at (231) 582-6667.