Woman Starts Free Recycling Program for Her Town

When a Northern Michigan woman started recycling, she wanted everyone else in her area to reap the benefits, too.

What started as something personal has now become something an Osceola County woman does for her whole community.

“I decided to start a recycling program because in our community there wasn’t anything like that,” said Hersey Resident Robin Marvel.

Every Tuesday morning, Robin Marvel and her five daughters collect people’s recycling in the Village of Hersey.

“It takes me about probably an hour an hour and a half to collect everything. And then we bring it here and we sort it, because I want to sort it as a collective versus just individually.”

And they do it completely.

She decided to offer it to people in town after realizing how much recycling personally impacted her family.

“We were going through like two big dumpsters of garbage a week. And I thought, ‘You know, there’s gotta be something better.’ So I started recycling for myself. And we went from those two dumpsters to two bags a week,” Marvel said.

This started about a month ago.

Right now about 20 families participate, and Robin says she’s getting lots of calls.

Hersey Township Supervisor Tom Fabus hopes to see more communities using the Fay Wilson Recycling Center in Reed City like this.

“I’d like to see each community within our county participate or get this program started,” Fabus said. “The way things happen is with local people taking an ownership.”

Robin says the program will always be free because her motivation is simply to help others.

“It’s magnificent to see somebody set out two bags. Because you know that’s two less bags of garbage that they’re having to take out,” Marvel said.

Participating is as Facebook messaging Robin to get on the list.