Road Commission Reacts to Road Funding Talks

This latest speed bump in funding a plan to fix Michigan roads is adding to the frustration of drivers and those who try to keep Northern Michigan roads in working order.

“I think everybody’s very ready to see the roads get fixed. People are tired of having to fix their cars cause they’re getting tore up,” says Angel Nolff who lives along a bad stretch of road.  

She’s worried if Kalkaska County doesn’t get money to fix it soon, things will only get more hazardous.

“It’s frustrating because they’re dangerous. I have two little kids that play out here and you know and all they have to do is hit a pothole and go off the road and they’re off the road,” said Nolff.  

John S. Rogers who manages the Kalkaska County Road commission says he’s frustrated too, and this latest roadblock in Lansing, isn’t helping.

If there’s not funding fix that means there’s no gravel on the gravel roads and there’s no new equipment. We have to continue to repair our 18 year old equipment,” said Rogers.

 While he remains hopeful for a funding solution, he says he can’t wait much longer.

“The roads are just deteriorating at a rapid pace and that pace is gaining momentum year after year after year and the longer it takes them to do anything about it, the more money it’s going to take to fix the roads that are beyond repair,” said Rogers.

The Road Commission manager says counties and townships may have to start asking voters to approve mill ages in order to fund basic road and bridge repairs if state lawmakers’ attempts to find a funding plan contuse to fail.