Kalkaska County Murder Trial On Hold After Dismissing Two Jurors

The trial for Jason Ryan was supposed to begin Tuesday morning, but problems with the jury put things on hold.

Ryan appeared in a Kalkaska County court room Tuesday morning for the 1996 murder of Geraldine Montgomery.

His first trial ended with a mistrial because of a hung jury.

This is Jason Ryan’s retrial.

A jury was selected Monday and the council was prepared to make opening statements Tuesday morning but some problems arose.

One juror was dismissed for medical reasons and the defense asked another to be removed because of her history working as a corrections officers.        

 “We are selecting more jurors tomorrow. This is going to set us back about a day and a half. That’s gonna cause some issue with the witnesses, but these things are just going to have to be dealt with. Trials are very unpredictable and these events occur time to time, said Kalkaska County Prosecutor Mike Perreault.

Perreault also says delaying a trial can bring issues.

“Certainly when things occur chronically it’s easier for people to understand. However when trial is delayed and certain witnesses are only available certain days of the week they’re going to have to be called out of order which causes some disruption in the presentation of the case,” Perreault says.

The case is expected to start again Wednesday morning with additional jury selection at 9.

Opening arguments are scheduled to begin at 1.