Big Rapids Public Safety Hosts Child Abduction Training

Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together during a child abduction training today.

The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety spent nine months developing the training.

Agencies taking part in the Big Rapids training exercise include Big Rapids Police, the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Department, Clare County Sheriff and Michigan State Police.

They searched around Brookside Elementary on foot and horseback as if a student never made it to class.

Detective Brian Miller says it’s important to have agencies working together and training for a case like this.

"We had an incident a couple years ago and although we had a good resolution I felt that we needed to have something more concrete into place," says Big Rapids Detective Brian Miller.

Another important part of investigating a missing child case is getting information out to the public as quick as possible and that’s where news stations like Northern Michigan’s News Leader come in. Media also took part in today’s drill.

"The media is a huge part of a child that goes missing," says Miller.

As they started the investigation, liaisons were sent to talk to the media, just like they would if we were dealing with a real missing child case.

Today’s drill didn’t end with handcuffs but the practice makes law enforcement ready if they ever need to hunt down a kidnapper.

"If a situation like that arose or arises again in the future which there’s always that potential were better prepared," says Miller.