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Feedback at 5:00: Standing Desks in Classrooms

You’ve heard of standing desks at the office, but one school in northern California is taking the trend a step further.

The school recently installed the desks in its classrooms.

Now, 19 out of the school’s 22 rooms have desks like these.

Studies show letting kids move during the day can improve grades by as much as 15 percent, and they can help kids burn 25 percent more calories during the day.

“You increase your muscle tone in your legs, there seems to be an improvement in actually circulation and arterial function, and of course expending a few calories extra every hour can lead to big changes."

The school will have the desks in all classrooms by the end of this year.

For tonight’s Feedback at 5:00, we want to know if you’d like to see these standing desks in your child’s classroom. Why or why not?

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