Benzie County Family Donates 5-year-old Boy’s Organs After Tragic Loss

The organs of a five-year-old Benzie County boy will give several other children a second chance at life.

The boy’s family decided to donate his organs, so other kids could survive.

Five-year-old Fisher Simon passed away Saturday after car accident last week.

The crash happened at the corner of US 31 and Reynolds road in Interlochen.

The sheriff says the car Fisher and his mother were in was rear-ended by another driver.

The driver told the sheriff he was blinded by the sun and never saw their car.

Fisher was sent to the hospital in critical condition and died a few days later.

At the age of five… Fisher Simon’s uncle, Rhyan Glezman says he enjoyed helping others and giving back to the community.

"Fisher was always a giver, always sharing and always cared about the well-being of people. In school, he would recognize other kids and he wanted to give to less fortunate people,” said Glezman.

That’s why his family has now decided to donate his organs.

His organs will help at least four possibly up to nine children.

"The thought of nine other young children being impacted and basically getting a second chance at life just didn’t even cross their mind to say no,” said Glezman.

Glezman says it’s a decision fisher would have supported.

"It makes you smile. A lot of us family members were in the waiting room for days and the critical care unit is not a fun floor to be on— it’s a lot of bad news. It’s great to think one of those days someone got a phone call and a family walked out of that hospital happy,” said Glezman.

Glezman says donating his organs shines some light on a tragic loss.

"We have no idea where these children are— they could be across the country,” said Glezman. “We were thinking earlier about how one of those kids could be the next president or could be a phenomenal physician."

And if Glezman could reach out to the families impacted by this gift…

"I would probably say keep hugging them, you don’t know how short it could be.”

A celebration of Fisher’s life will take place this Sunday at the Platte River Association Hall in Honor from 2 to 4 p.m.

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