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Hook & Hunting: Hunting Regulations

With deer season underway in Michigan, new hunting regulations are in effect.

The changes come after a case of Chronic Wasting Disease found in Meridian Township.

The regulations affect Ingham, Clinton and Shiawassee counties.

All deer feeding and baiting is now prohibited in these counties.

Deer harvested must be checked at a DNR check station within 72 hours of harvest.

And the removal of any part of a deer carcass is prohibited unless submitted to a check station in the area.

Moving from deer to elk, Michigan’s early elk hunting season is in the books.               

The early elk season was three, four day hunts starting August 25th.

Over 36,000 Michigan residents applied to hunt elk this year but only 100 were chosen at random.        

The DNR says it’s not necessarily an easy hunt for the lucky 100.

“We had over 50 state hunters harvest 43 elks, which is a really good success rate.  The early hunt can sometimes be a struggle because we might deal with warm weather.  We still have leaves on the trees, finding elk, so we work really hard to get elk hunters to be successful.”

The late elk hunt begins December 5th, where 50 more state hunters will have nine days to pursue elk in Northern Michigan.