Northern Michigan College Granted $2 million for New Skilled Trades Equipment

Students at Northwestern Michigan College are learning on some new, advanced equipment.

The state granted NMC more than two million dollars for new equipment.

Six departments are sharing that money to prepare students for in-demand jobs.

"I had no idea it was going to be this big."

Northwestern Michigan College student, Evan Teixeira is talking about this large tank that is now used in the marine technology program.

The tank allows students to test their hand made designed remote operated vehicles also known as an ROV.

ROV’s help them define or fix something underwater.

"We can control the ROV inside the tank. The signal we send from the laptop travels up this wire. If we tell it to turn left or right— it follows our directions,” said Teixeira.

Something that could have been a challenge in the past.

“It allows us to do it in any weather. We don’t have to go down to the bay or take a drive and hope for good conditions,” said Teixeira.

In March, the college received more than two million dollars from the Governor’s office to upgrade equipment in the marine technology program— along with six other NMC programs.

"The grant afforded us the ability to purchase nursing simulation equipment. We were able to get more infrastructure and data servers for our computer technology program and we purchased advanced electronics and fluid power equipment in our engineering technology program,” said Ed Bailey, NMC Technical Division Director.

The goal is to make sure NMC students are workforce ready.

"We want to be the education employer of choice and we want to send them a student that is probably the best in the world,” said Bailey.