Manistee Police Continue Investigating Break-Ins

People in Manistee are losing sleep over break-ins that are happening while the homeowner is inside.

The break-ins have happened throughout the city of Manistee for months.

We first reported on this in July.

Chris Perski and Kenneth Leverich have been arrested in connection to several of the crimes, but police say they’re still looking for more suspects, and while they do, people are on edge.

Police say they’re looking into nine home break-ins that all appear similar.

While police continue their investigation people in Manistee are losing sleep.

“We were sleeping about 20 ft away and didn’t hear a thing,” says homeowner Scott Sciera.

He and his wife woke up Sept. 30 to realize someone stole their TV while they were sleeping.

“All summer long we’ve been having these break-ins and I said to myself ‘I’d like to catch him in my house’ and now it happened and now it’s gone and I didn’t even know he was there,” says Sciera.

He says the thief used a branch from his fire pit to prop the window open, and surveillance photos show the person propping open their side door after getting inside.

Their privacy was completely violated.

“My wife and I we still worry we sit on the couch til the middle of the night now. It’s nerve wracking,” says Sciera.

Manistee police says solving these crimes is their top priority.

“We are working diligently on this we have made two arrests but we think there are more suspects out there,” says Det. Sgt. Josh Glass.

They’re asking people to take extra steps to protect their homes while they work as quickly as they can to make more arrests.

“I can only compare it to playing Russian Roulette. We don’t want something terrible to happen but at some point they’re going to break into someone’s home and that persons going to be armed and they’re going to protect themselves and their property and that’s a situation we want to avoid,” says Glass.

If you have any information that could help end these crimes, you’re encouraged to contact the Manistee Police Department.