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Feedback at 5:00: New People Rating App

A new app set to come out next month has a lot of people talking already.

It’s called "Peeple" and it lets you rate people you know.

You can do so on three categories: personal, professional and dating.

It has a 5-star rating system and written reviews.

Positive reviews go live automatically and negative ones sit in a private inbox for 48 hours, letting two people work out any differences.

But if you don’t have a profile on Peeple, you don’t really have a chance to dispute negative ratings.

Many worry it could be used to harass and cyberbully people, but the creators say it’s meant to find the good in people and learn about those around them.

“We want to clarify this isn’t a judging website. We don’t want to judge in the sense of being mean, we want to bring the better out in people.”

For tonight’s Feedback at 5:00 we want to know what you think about this app.

Is it a good or bad idea? Why?