Wexford County First Responders to Conduct Radioactive Emergency Drill

First responders in Wexford County will be practicing for a wide-scale emergency situation this morning.

Dozens of first responders and volunteer victims will meet at the Wexford Civic Center to practice what they’d do if a radioactive element went off in the county.

It’s part of a three-day training.

Yesterday they prepped in the classroom, and today they’ll put their skills to the test.

It’s important for responders to see how all of their roles fit into the bigger picture.

 “We have to practice the way we’re going to play,” Wexford County Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Benson said. “So it’s good to flex these muscles before there’s an emergency. This helps us to find out where our strengths are and opportunities to improve are.”

They’ll wrap things up tomorrow by discussing what went well and what they need to work on.