H.E.L.P. Ministry Continues Finding Ways to Lend a Hand in Mason County

“Basically everything we’ve got is donated by the community and re-gifted out,” HELP Ministry Director Larry Lange said.

H.E.L.P. Ministry is a community staple in Mason County.

For 17 years, the faith-based agency has filled in where other agencies stop.

“We provide assistance with utility problems, rents, move-in expenses, transportation for the elderly or anyone going to medical appointments.”

Whatever you need, H.E.L.P. Ministry tries to provide.

“We have people donating things all the time. We just had a lady stop in a little while ago and donate some blankets and quilts to us.”

Donations are constantly streaming in to help. But they say with about 3,200 requests a year, donations are also leaving just as quickly.

“We usually get anywhere from 15 to 16 requests for help every day, either over the telephone or in person.”

Seventy-five volunteers make nearly everything happen. 

Dave Hamman started giving his time eight years ago.

He helps organize the warehouse and delivers goods to people in the county.

“I feel it’s my responsibility in life to help the less fortunate, and that’s what this whole program is about,” Dave Hamman said.

The reward for Hamman, is being able to meet and help his neighbors.

“Everybody we’re dealing with here are in quite difficult situations where they’re in great need of what we have to help them with.”

If you have a need, and live in or near Mason County, H.E.L.P. Ministry will do what they can. 

They’re able to fulfill 75 to 80 percent of requests.

From utility assistance to household items, and beyond… These people are here for their community.

“That’s what our whole mission is. It’s to go out and do things that will help people. H.E.L.P. Ministry, the ‘H.E.L.P.’ stands for ‘hands extended loving people.’”