Baker College Opens Doors To New Student Housing On-Campus

New spaces for new students…

This on-campus housing is bringing more students closer to their classes this fall.

Baker College started building the new housing at the beginning of summer.

Today, the Cadillac-based college opened eight new homes to incoming students.

It’s all in hopes of increasing enrollment.

The fully-furnished, full-utility apartments are split housing, allowing two students to share the space.

During the 10-week academic semester, students pay around $400 per month for the room, which also include a fully-operational kitchen and washing machines.

The goal is to bring students closer to campus for the first time while attracting even more.

"The biggest thing is the draw," says Dean DeKryger, one of the owners of the DK Design Group in Cadillac and architect/design contractor for the project. "Baker is drawing people from distances around, anyway, but this allows them to reach out and make that circle of impact a little bit larger and get students that couldn’t commute."

The new student housing opens the doors for 32 students to live close to campus.