Short’s Brewing Company Creates Cider, Teams Up With Local Orchards

Production at Short’s Brewing Company has been anything but slow.

The Northern Michigan brewery recently started bottling its Starcut Ciders to distribute statewide.

“Cider luckily for us is something we can really use a lot of local ingredients in.”

Finding those local ingredients wasn’t hard for Short’s cider maker Tony Hansen.

“We really wanted to use apples that were grown from nearby farms. We’re constantly driving by these orchards, we know the farmers and we just felt really compelled to use something from our area to highlight our area for producing such a great product,” Hansen says.

Orchards from across the state play a hand in the receipt, but it all started with three local orchards in Antrim County. They say teaming up with Short’s has introduced them to new ways of using their product.

“Hard cider has been drank for 100 of years but it’s kind of faded away and now it’s on a rebound and I think it’s outstanding for apple growers,” says Jim King, co-owner of King Orchards. “It allows us to have one more market, one more slot to fill with some of our product.”

While apples with frost damage won’t sell to other markets, Short’s says they’re still able to pick them up and put them to good use.

“A lot of apples can’t be sold in the store but they’re perfect for juice. So this is a year where we’ll really be able to help our local farmers out by buying the apples that otherwise could not be sold,” Hansen says.

“I think it’s a growing industry and huge opportunity for agriculture,” says King.