Gladwin County Man Dead After Shooting at Deputies

A Gladwin County man is dead tonight after opening fire on a deputy inside his patrol car early this morning.

Deputies say Mark Gary was firing shots around 3:30 this morning in Gladwin County.

When a deputy arrived he was shot at while inside his car. Thankfully he was not hurt.

State police eventually shot and killed Gary as he walked toward police with his gun.

The deadly shooting happened on Shock Road near Beaverton.

The people living in the community were woken up by the sounds of gunshots and police sirens.

It started with a man in the road, shooting a rifle at police.

Family and friends say it is the boiling point after years of struggle.

David Kaiser states "when they seen the man, the man leveled a rifle at the patrol car and opened fire."

Gun shots broke the silence of an early morning.

State police say hours of standoff at this home ended when the man walked at police and left them no choice.

"The man exited the house again on the back side, leaving the back porch, taking his high-powered rifle and walking aggressively towards troopers. It was at this time the officers ended up shooting the suspect to stop the threat."

The suspect, Mark Gary, died at the scene.

Joe Stube’s farm is only just down the road.

He awoke to lights, sirens, and questions.

Joe Stube shares ‘hey, what’s going on? There’s cop cars everywhere’ and then we saw two swat vehicles go by. It was crazy."

Cassidy Young "He had a daughter and a son."

Family members confirmed with us that man with the gun was Mark Gary.

His wife’s nephew says it is a violent end to a downhill spiral.

Cassidy Young says "He struggled with alcohol abuse for quite a while and I think that finally won."

He says years ago Mark and his first wife built the Juicy Bone Bar nearby.

He lost the bar and his wife not long after.

"With losing the businesses and things downhill for him in the last couple years, I think it steadily went downhill."

A terrifying situation that could have harmed more people.

Those who knew Mark say it is a terrible conclusion.

Stube states "Thoughts and prayers really go out to his mom. She’s going to have a tough time and it’s just sad. Just sad that it ends like that."

No one else was hurt during the incident.

State troopers are still working to learn what led immediately up to this morning’s shooting.