Traverse City Man Discovers Injured Cyclist After Hit and Run, Calls 911

“He’s been hit, his bike is all bent up."

"We don’t know what the car looks like? The car took off, I have no idea."

A call to 9-1-1 minutes after a car hit a bicyclist.

Police in Traverse City are still looking for that driver.

The man on the bike is recovering in the hospital.

Officers say the car hit him while he was crossing an alley.

It happened at Railroad Avenue and State Street in Traverse City.

This is where police say Fredrick Weber was hit Tuesday night. They say he was crossing the alley when he was struck.

"I just came across him he was sitting on a curb. He refuses to let me help him, he’s walking down railroad right now — his face is all torn up."

Adam Eastman was riding his skateboard home from work when he came across a man sitting in this alley.

Eastman says "I just wanted to make sure he was okay you know, you see someone sitting on a curb holding their face at 9:30 at night, there’s something wrong."

Then he noticed his bike was all mangled.

“I was just generally concerned, he had been hit, you don’t know necessarily know what kind of injuries he sustained."

"He didn’t want me to call an ambulance, he insisted on walking to Munson."

 Eastman kept his eye on the man until police got there.

"He’s dragging his bike, which is all bent up. Right now he’s walking down the alley that runs between State and Washington."

Traverse City police investigated the scene last night and this morning.

They say Fredrick Weber was riding his bike when he was hit.

"We’re talking to witnesses, we want to speak to the victim of what he remembers and can’t remember. We’re looking into the 911 tapes."

They are still looking for the driver.

"The victim described the vehicle as a late 80’s early 90’s Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder edition– light in color, possibly silver and a convertible."

Eastman is happy to know weber will be alright.

Eastman explains "I did exactly what anybody would have done."

Eastman says he plans on visiting Weber at Munson Medical Center Wednesday night.

If you have any information on this hit and run, please call Traverse City Police.

Last night’s hit and run is not too far from the hit and run that killed Kelly Boyce-Hurlbert in July 2013.

Police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed her at Railroad and Washington streets while she rode her bike home from work.

Last night’s hit and run happened on Railroad Avenue just two blocks from where Kelly was hit.

Police believe a dark colored truck or SUV hit her.

Traverse City Police are not linking the two, but are still looking for information to find the driver involved in that case.