Michigan Municipal League Convention Brings Business to Town

More than 500 mayors, city managers and elected officials are all in Traverse City this week.

They’re part of the 2015 Michigan Municipal League Convention.

With hundreds of people in town, they’re bringing more than just ideas.

“It really gives them the chance to see the community firsthand.”

This year’s Michigan Municipal League Convention is unlike any other.

League Vice President Nathan Triplett says it’s because this year’s convention goals and location go hand in hand.

“We have the opportunity to be in a great community like Traverse City that had modeled so many of the things that we’re trying to work at as a Municipal League, to build more vibrant, more competitive communities,” Triplett says.

The more than 500 people attending this year’s conference aren’t the only ones who benefit. Local businesses are bursting at the seams.

“Several area hotels are also filled up for this conference. It benefits not just one hotel but the entire region, restaurants and facilities that are taking care of the guests,” says Tom Maloney, Park Place Hotel Front Desk Manager.

“Just these few days we’re here we will generate roughly a half a million dollars for the local economy of Traverse City,” says Matt Bach, Director of Media Relations for MML.

It’s a give and take relationship, to get the ideas they want, they have to walk around town. In Traverse City, they say it’s hard to do that without doing a little shopping.

‘All of the stores are open, they’re friendly and inviting, they’re beautiful, and so I’m hoping I can take some of those ideas back to Hamtramck and implement them in our community,” says Katrina Powell, Hamtramck City Manager and first time visitor to Traverse City.  

‘We’re out checking out stores and going to restaurants and buying meals so it really is a benefit to the community as well. We get to learn from the community and the community gets the benefit of that economic impact while we’re here,” Triplett says.