Traverse City Landscapers and Car Dealerships Benefit from Low Gas Prices

Gas prices across Northern Michigan continue to fall.

Some gas stations are inching closer to $2.00 per gallon.

While some drivers are now seeing gas below $2.20 per gallon, others aren’t seeing prices that low.

Traverse City,and Ludington are below $2.30 according to

 While Sault Ste. Marie and East Jordan are seeing slightly higher than average prices.

AMO Outdoor Services says as gas prices fall and business increases, they’re having one of their best summers.

“We’re up from where we were last year which is great. It’s going to be another record year for us and the fuel prices have helped us out this summer. It’s a little bit less than what they were last year,” says owner Adam Orth.

The lower prices let them invest in other areas of their business.

“Having them a little bit cheaper, a few percentages less than last year, put a little bit more in the bottom line in return we’re able to take some of that money and invest it back into the company and get some different equipment,” said Orth.  

Car dealerships are also feeling the effects. Williams Chevrolet in Traverse City is having one of their best sales years in recent memory. 

“We’re in the midst of our best year in ten. We are a serious marked improvement from last year and I have to believe to a certain extent people’s expendable income is a little better, gas prices being lower just kind of leads itself to a lower overall cost of ownership,” said Tom Gordon, general sales manager.

Bill Marsh says he’s selling more cars too. Something he says can be attributed to lower gas prices.

“On the one hand there’s no question lower gas prices have helped our business. We sell a lot of full size pickups and sport utilities and lower gas prices makes those cars more viable which has been great,” said Marsh.