Feedback at 5:00: Steven Colbert’s Late Show Debut

Stephen Colbert makes his big debut on the Late Show tonight, and for his first show, he’s got quite the line-up.

George Clooney and Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush will visit the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway tonight.

Millions are expected to tune into the big premiere.   

Colbert spent almost a decade working on Comedy Central’s "Colbert Report."

Variety columnist Brian Lowry says the early guests like Clooney, Vice President Joe Biden and Scarlett Johansson give some clues on what’s to come for the Late Show’s new era.

“He is very smartly putting together a very eclectic lineup of people, which will – if he does it right – sort of demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and range he has.”

For tonight’s Feedback at 5:00, we want to know what you think about the change.

Will you be watching? Why?