Traverse City Family Of Four Found Dead In Home, Questions Remain

“I’m still shocked. I can't believe it.”

A family of four was found dead inside their home.

Now friends and investigators are looking for answers.

State Police say that one of Jeffery Mendenhall's co-workers in Traverse City alerted them to the fact that he'd not shown up for work for a couple of days.

When troopers got inside his family's Garfield Township home, they found him, his wife and two children dead.

9 & 10's Cody Boyer joins us live with more on the investigation being handled by the State Police Post in Cadillac.

Last night, State Police found the bodies of the Mendenhall family in their Grand Traverse County home.

They say a murder-suicide claimed the lives of Jeffery and Tamisha Mendenhall and both of their young children.

"There are elements of the deaths that took place in that house that are indicative of homicide and suicide unfolding in the home."

 A tragic end for what started as a welfare check.

State Police were called to this home after they were told one of the people who live here, Jeffrey Mendenhall was not showing up at work.

“Troopers were investigating a separate complaint situation and then were advised during the course of that investigation by someone else there that by the way, I haven't seen my co-worker. He didn't come to work for three days. This is unusual behavior."

Troopers went to the home, knocked and heard nothing.

When they forced their way in, they found Jeffrey, his wife, Tamisha, and their two young kids, Thomas and Olivia, dead.

"The adults were in a separate part of the home as the children."

Lt. Kip Belcher says that and several other factors pointed to homicide.

Who started it, who ended it and how it happened is still unknown.

Police seized many things from the home, including several dead pets.

"Anything that was present in the home that could be a contributory factor to people expiring, any element of that that could be present in the house that could be contributed to people either being intentionally being killed or taking their own lives would be removed from the home and secured as evidence."

In the end, four are dead and we don't know why.

"Six years old and three years old and that's a very trying circumstance for anyone, police officer or otherwise, to wrap their mind around as to the necessity or the circumstances that would precipitate two very young children dying. Our hearts obviously go out to the family of the adults and the children that passed away in this particular incident. That's the most important thing."

State Police say the autopsies for both Jeffrey and Tamisha Mendenhall began just a short time ago.

We should know more information on Saturday.