National Company Offers Tools For Relief Crews Cleaning Up Storm Damage

As people work hard to clear storm debris, one national disaster relief technology company is helping out in their own backyard.

9&10's Cody Boyer continues our team coverage with more from the group about how they're lending a hand.


Salamander Technologies in Traverse City usually focuses on national emergencies.

When Sunday's storm hit, it brought a disaster to their own neighborhood and they have some tools to help.

"We kind of put that all together in one solution so you don't have to have multiple tools doing that same job," says Sarah Koontz, Salamandar Tech Marketing Communications Manager.

Sarah Koontz from Salamander Technologies says her company uses ID cards to help groups stay organized.

"We like to call ourselves an intelligence accountability company, so what we do is we take all the pieces of responder-disaster accountability and put it into one usable solution that's user friendly and easy to deploy," Koontz says.

Normally, Salamander works nation-wide.

Sarah says this storm brought the disaster to their doorstep.

"I think it's really neat for us to say that we actually had an active role in helping the community get back on its feet so that's really exciting for us," Koontz says.

The ID card puts a volunteer and first responder information all in one place.

"It's really simple. You tag in. You tag out," says Albert Yao, Operations Section Chief for Operation Sleeping Bear, one of Team Rubicon's assignments. "Everything's tracked on spreadsheets and databases. It works out great."

Groups like Team Rubicon use the cards all over the country during disaster scenes like this one.

With many volunteers in one place, they need organization to move smoothly.

"It's the nature of the business," Yao says. "There's a lot of flexibility needed. there's a few challenges but overall we are happy to be here to kick some butt and help the local citizens."

Team Rubicon is one of many agencies in the area using Salamander Technology to stay organized.

For more information about the company, check out their website.