Record Breaking Hail Storm Causes Major Damage in West Branch

These severe storms also dropped some massive hail in northern Michigan.

In Ogemaw County’s West Branch — the hail set a new record — and caused some major damage.

Just north of the town, a hail stone came in at 4 ¼ inches.

It's the largest hail Northern Michigan has seen since record keeping began back in 1950.

And this big hail storm caused a lot of damage.

“Massive hail, the size of baseballs, coming down like crazy.”

The largest hail in West Branch was about the size of a softball.

There were also many reports of one and two inch hail in the area.

“It just sounded like baseballs hitting the house. I mean just, ‘Boom, boom, boom,” a constant pound for about 10 minutes and then it was all over with," said Michael Deyarmond who witnessed the storm.

Though it was short, it all took a big toll on vehicles.

You can see where the hail came down here with these dents. Many windows are also smashed and cracked.

Auto body shops in west branch have been slammed all day.

“It’s just, just its crazy. Never seen a hail storm like this before, ever. I mean you might get one car or two cars here and there, but you don't have 30 cars before lunch pull in your driveway."

A local car dealership had similar problems.

At least 50 of their cars are damaged.

“Oh, there's dents all over the place, a smashed windshield — it looked like someone had beat the cars with baseball bats," said sales associate Killian Frisch at Dean Arbour Ford of West Branch.

Even though Deyarmond now has three damaged vehicles, he’s not letting it get him down.

“Just a part of living in Northern Michigan — you get these freak storms every once in a while. It just happened to go over West Branch. That was all, it was our turn," he said.

Hail bigger than four inches is extremely rare.

In the last ten years in the United States — it's only happened less than 40 times.