Deadly Crash Knocks Out Power to Businesses

A deadly crash this morning in Isabella County left some businesses in the dark for much of the day.

Business owners say it was a frustrating start to their morning.

The deadly crash happened at the intersection of Bluegrass and Encore Roads in Union Township.

Deputies day a driver on Bluegrass Road lost control, ran off the road and hit a telephone pole.

He ended up in the parking lot of a strip mall, where the car rolled several times.

Guadalupe Rodriguez of Grand Ledge died in the crash.

Police say alcohol was a factor.

Businesses owners in the strip mall impacted by the outage say this wasn't how they planned to start their morning, and because repair crews had to close the road to restore power, they lost an entire morning worth of sales.

“We lost quite a bit of milk in our reach in’s and that all had to be thrown away. Cheese and meat that we use for our bagel sandwiches has to be thrown away,” said Lori DeYoung the owner of Biggby Coffee in Mt. Pleasant.

Lori DeYoung and Michael Ursu arrived at Biggby coffee this morning ready to serve their usual morning crowd.

“Came inside, no power anything like that, walked through and was like this is a little spooky and then I started calling people telling them they didn't have to come into work,” said Biggby manager Michael Ursu.

A deadly accident knocked out power. That meant no sales during their busiest time of the day.

“We’re busiest in the morning. Everyone stops in before going to work, People still have to work in the summer and seeing the blockade and police there they weren't going to get their cup of coffee,” said DeYoung.

A couple stores down, Josh Berghuis, at Runners Performance also had to close his doors.

“It’s a bummer because obviously can't function without all those a business runs on internet and being able to communicate with customers and stuff like that even just ringing up a sale same process obviously I can't function without that,” said Berghuis.

He says while the outage was frustrating, there wasn't much he could do but wait it out while crews worked.

“We really take pride in what we do so when it gets taken away in a sense it’s like man but at the same time what are you going to do,” said Berghuis.

 Power was restored around 1:00 this afternoon and Internet about 3:30 so businesses were back up and running this afternoon.