Jack’s Journal: Mental Battle, The Game Of Chess

The game of chess is all about the mental battle, no matter who you are.

In Monday's Jack's Journal, Jack O'Malley explains how the internet is breathing new life into the old game.

The game of chess dates back to 500AD in Western India.

It's been played by enthusiast ever since. A game of skill, patience and one up-manship.

It's a game for one and all.

Mike Williams of cherrychess.com says, “Everybody comes to the table. It's a battle of the mind. It's the pure battle. That it really doesn't matter if you're an athlete, famous, it's an opportunity for everyone to excel.”

It's a simple game that is complicated. Thousands of books have been written on strategy and moves.

The game can be intense and long, some tournament games can last hours.

With the Traverse City Chess Club they tend to focus on shorter games, a clock is used.

Typically each player gets 5 minutes to move and plan. If the game isn’t won before the clock expires the first to zero wins.

The club has been around for years but has resurged the last few years.

“Average attendance I would say we have 8 to 10 most Wednesday nights. But we've had a total of 30 to 4o different people over the last year and a half that have darkened our door.”

If you are interested, have no fear. All are welcomed no matter the skill level.

Equipment can be provided. Chess is a thinking game, players in TC can have an intense game, but are friends when it's over.

This ancient game has faired well in this modern world.

“Technology, the internet has made it easier than ever to be able to find a chess opponent. Get on line and go to sites like free chess dot org or chess.com and find opponents anywhere.”