Hot Weather Impacting Beach Business

As many were looking for ways to cool off, the beaches were packed. Along with the local businesses that depend on that traffic.       

“They're on the beach, enjoying the 90 degree beach weather.”

The heat meant just that, people feeling the urge to take a dip and sink their toes into the sand.

Crowds took to beaches along Grand Traverse Bay, and local businesses took notice.

“We have a pretty short season. We are open Memorial Day to Labor Day. With this spring it was a bit of a slow start with the cold weather, obviously now with these hot, 90 degree days, it's ramping up pretty quickly,” says Brett Campbell.

Brett owns Sunset Water Sports, where people keep coming and they’re fresh out of boats to rent.

“It's a good situation to be in, to be full and not have any equipment available. There's certainly times in the summer that does happen,” says Campbell.

After a day on the beach comes a much needed cool down, and no shortage of places to get it.

“Sell a lot of ice cream and drinks, lot of ice cream and drinks,” says Chris Chargo, Rivertown Café employee.

Businesses like Rivertown Café are located right along the beach, giving people the chance to escape the hot sun and find some shade and stay hydrated.

“It's busy, you get a lot of people,” Chargo says. “Even in the shade. Just taking a seat here, eating their ice cream, drinking their water and cooling down a little bit.”

The high temperatures mean a high demand for product.

“We usually don't get this low, because you can't really prepare for a week of 90 degrees every single day but we do our best and end up selling a lot,” says Chargo.