Kids Learn How To Handle Dangerous Waters In Safety Class

Put to the test. Kids learned how to swim in currents with the help and guidance of one local mom and the US Coast Guard.

Ashley Ewing teamed up with the Coast Guard Station in Frankfort to teach kids about the dangers of the water.

The class allows kids to get their feet wet, and learn how to react to threatening situations in the water.

“We teach them about the buddy system, have a plan, the general beach, pool and summer safety, having sunscreen, being hydrated, wearing that life jacket, and then we go into rip currents,” says Ashley Ewing. “So we go over what they are, how to identify them, how to get out of them or help somebody out of them.”

The kids were taught three simple words to remember in the water.

“Three F's: flip, float and then follow. You flip over on your back and then you either wait for the rip current to take you, or two, lay on your back take a deep breath and try to swim parallel,” says 7-year-old Julia Michalowski.

The best part about the day, getting into the water and putting the steps to the test.

“I actually get a little more knowledge about how to swim. I’m not a very good swimmer but I can do it if I concentrate,” says 8-year-old Riley McCarthy. “I learned to float better and take a deep breath and stay calm.”

Ashley teaches the class with help from the Coast Guard, allowing the kids to become more familiar with their work.

"To be able to come here, tour the boat, and hear it from the Coast Guard as well really brings it home for them,” Ewing says.

The Instructors say it’s hearing the kids shout out what to do in a situation that shows they are really understanding how to stay safe in the water.