Two Artists Open Pop-Up Shop to Feature Local Artwork

Two artists have come together to create a new space to showcase local work.

The Limited Edition Pop-Up Shop opened this summer in downtown Petoskey featuring all types of art.

9&10's Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Erin Malone found out it's also a chance for aspiring artists to get involved.

"I was thinking of my own needs as a young artist living in Northern Michigan and the idea just kind of grew from there," co-founder of The Limited Edition Pop-Up Shop Katie Brines said.

A grant helped Katie and Kristen Kohler co-found The Limited Edition Pop-Up Shop in Petoskey. It showcases paintings, jewelry, fabrics and more from more than 25 local artists.

"The goal is to create a way for emerging artists to enter into the ecosystem of existing galleries and art centers," Brines said. "Kind of just bridge the gap basically."

They also offer workshops so anyone who wants to create can get involved.

"It's just a great place for young people to come out and you don't have to necessarily spend money," a local participant Michael Bingaman said, "but you can hang out with other creative types and meet a lot of interesting, cool people."

Katie and Kristen are humbled by the community support.

There's plenty of of excitement for their shop.

"I think it's been really important to the community to just create some sort of dialogue between young artists who weren't necessarily visible previously," local artist Jon Anthony said.

"It really works out well because not only does it give young artists a place to showcase their work, it gives people of all ages a place to come and participate in art work, writing, making fun things in general, so it's a pretty great set up," local artist Jake Breed said.

The pop-up shop will close in September, but they hope to open again next summer.