Beat the Pro: Crystal Mountain

THOMPSONVILLE – Welcome to Crystal Mountain, a family friendly resort that has two golf courses, Betsie Valley and Mountain Ridge.

"Every hole is separated from the others, you may see a little glimpse through the woods of another hole but you are on an island on every golf hole," said Head Golf Professional Greg Babinec.

A feature player's find when they take on Mountain Ridge that just recently hosted the 2015 Michigan Women's Open.

"As you drive around you are going to see those hidden gems," explained Babinec. "Seven, in particular, I think from the tee box is a beautiful golf hole. As you get into the back nine of the Mountain Ridge Golf Course you are on top of the mountain, which offers some stunning views."

And some challenges, especially when you're ready to take out your putter.

"The mountain plays a big factor in how the golf course plays," Babinec said. "The way your ball rolls on the green is certainly effected by the mountain."   

However number 12, our Beat the Pro hole, embraces its flat landscape and natural features.

"I think everybody that comes up North likes the feel of the water and the sand," Babinec explained. "It's hard to get that ball all the way back to the hole, people come up short on this golf hole. So, they need to take, probably an extra club, depending on the wind, but it's usually in your face and avoid that bunker."

On competition day, Greg carried his ball onto the green, dropping 19'9" away from the flag.

A shot 13 golfers tried to beat with only one succeeding. Matthew Zakrzecski from Lambertville lands 12'4" in front of the hole, sending him to our finals later this summer.

Tune in next Friday as we drive south on US 31 and check out Manistee National.