Reckless Driving In Neighborhoods Concerns Homeowners

A Traverse City neighborhood is fed up with what they’re calling a lot of nuisance.

Speeding, loud partying and reckless behavior are some of the problems many have seen in their neighborhood.

“People come speeding down the hill at all hours of the day.”

Randolph Street in Traverse City sees a lot of daily traffic. With Hickory Hills at the end of the street, people are constantly coming and going.

“Obviously when you have a high concentration of teenagers you'll have issues, and you want them to have fun out there but at the same time we have to do all we can to help with the traffic going through the neighborhoods,” says City Commissioner Gary Howe.

Homeowners say it’s the reckless driving and what takes place at Hickory Hills that they find concerning.

“If you go up and look in the garbage cans or even in the woods, they aren't even in the garbage cans, there’s beer bottles and liquor bottles,” Rob Sirrine says. “So kids are probably just going up there to party and it's going to happen, but after they do that and they're driving on this hill super fast, 60 miles-per-hour, it makes us nervous with kids running around.”

Frustrated people have turned to city commissioners who also see the problem at hand.

“it’s just where you have those increased speeds through a neighborhood situation, the livability goes down, and people stop using their front yards, stop walking on the sidewalks,” says Howe. “The neighborhoods are the strength for the city of Traverse City, so it's imperative that as we get busier and more people move into the area that we provide the measures to drive correctly through the neighborhoods.”

Homeowners feel it’s time to take action.

“We've also offered suggestions about putting some speed bumps in or limiting the hours folks are up there. Police can only do so much, and they've been pretty proactive and will go up there when we call them,” says Sirrine.

Many in the area say they have on simple message.

“Be respectful, I think that's the main message, and drive slower.”