Alpenfest Bubble Gum Contest Attracts Contestants of All Ages

The fun won't stop at this year's Alpenfest.

Hundreds of people have been out all day enjoying the festival and all-things Alpine.

Alpenfest has some of the most interesting and entertaining events you'll see this summer, including the world's largest coffee break and a men's knee contest.

This is the 51st year of the Alpenfest in Gaylord in Otsego County.        

Hundreds of visitors are in downtown Gaylord for the festival, and 9&10’s David Lyden got a chance to join in the fun and watch one of the most popular contests.

It’s a contest with a simple concept: biggest bubble wins. Something the contestants take seriously year in and year out.

“Last year it was at least 17 centimeters for last year and I actually felt great about that.”

The contest draws all ages, each with their own strategy for victory.

“The strategy for this is just you don't want to blow hard, you wanna take your time, and for better results you use warm air in your mouth, not the cold air where your blowing it out really fast.

Others just go with the flow.

“I kind of put it in the bubble gum position. I just really like chewing gum and stuff.”

And practice is certainly key to yearly victory.

“Well, my grandma Berkshire, she gave us a bunch of bubble gum of that kind, so we got to practice.”

Now the fun continues Thursday with a county breakfast and plenty more contests, including the pizza eating contest and stilt walking contest.