Tree Crushes Pickup Truck In Mecosta During Storm

Other areas are also dealing with damage from last night's storm

Strong winds downed trees and caused several power outages across Mecosta County just after midnight.

9&10's Cody Boyer and photojournalist Melvin Kimbrough continues our team coverage on the impact of the bad weather.


"I've seen a lot of storm damage. I've never seen anything like this. That's a first."

Gusts around 60 miles per hour across Mecosta County early this morning.

Wind toppled a large tree onto Bill Howes' truck

"We were doing the 'half-asleep,' listening to the news late at night. Loud crack," Howes says. "We're like, 'Eh, that's alright.' We didn't hear a crash. Neighbors came over, 'Eh, you might want to come outside and this is what we found."

The maple tree stood only a few feet from Bill's house.

"It goes the other way, I lose my second story and my whole front porch so I'll take the truck over that," Howes says.

Bill says he and his family had no warning before the storm struck.

"The wind came out of nowhere. Started hearing some rumblings around 1, 1:30," Howes says. "It literally blew the curtains off of our wall. Water coming in the windows."

Scott Schroeder is the Mecosta County Emergency Manager.

The weather kept his crews busy, too.

"We did have quite a few power outages and quite a few trees down that blocked a few roadways and hit a few roadways," Schroeder says.

Scott says there is not much anyone can do when storms like last night's come a'knocking.

"Probably one of the best storm notifications systems you can have in your home is a NOAA weather radio," Schroeder says. "As soon as the National Weather Service issues a storm warning, this radio will alert with a loud tone that will wake you up."

As for Bill, his truck is insured.

He says the storm could have left him in worse shape.

"We'll just replace it and we'll get the trees cut out of here," Howes says. "We'll plant some new trees and go on. Life gives you what you can handle."