Boats Reach Finish of Chicago To Mackinac Sailboat Race

Sailors from the 107th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac started crossing the finish line today.

More than 3,000 sailors on 324 boats left on Friday and Saturday to start the 333 mile journey to Mackinac Island.

Sailors make the trip through day and night and must battle the unexpected water and weather conditions.

Boaters come from as far as New Zealand to join in on the oldest freshwater race in the world.

Even after years of racing, being a part of the Race to Mackinac is always exciting for participants.

"There's just a little thrill about getting to the finish line and, particularly, when you're racing with a bunch of guys likes these and they're getting along well and they're working the boat hard, it's just a great experience," participant for 25 years Tom Edman said. "It's a team work thing and we like that."

The Race to Mackinac participants will have a sailors celebration Tuesday boats will head out by Wednesday.