Governor Snyder Offering Solutions to Michigan’s Crumbling Roads

Today we spoke with the Governor about an ongoing debate down in Lansing — finding a funding solution for Michigan's crumbling roads.

After proposal one failed with voters, the house and senate both proposed funding packages. The house plan called for a 4 cent increase on diesel tax and the elimination of the earned income tax credit. The senate's plan recommended the diesel measure, plus, a 15 cent increase to the gas tax over the next 3 years. And today, the governor weighed in.

“There is some common ground areas. I think there's a widespread agreement on things like better warranties for roads, better practices for transportation, whether it be at the state level or local level, a lot of those pieces. The challenging part is getting to the issue of revenue increases or tax increases and how do we do that? And we do need some additional revenue.”

The governor tells us he hopes to work on both sides of the aisle throughout the summer to find a long-term solution.