Mother Testifies Against Man Accused of Abusing Her 21-Month-Old Son

A mother trying to understand what happened to her 21-month-old with bruises and burns all over his body.

Dustin Holdaway is charged with torture and child abuse first degree.

He's accused of putting the boy in a clothes dryer.

Prosecutors say the mother and toddler stayed over Holdaway's house back in March in Grand Traverse County.

The boy's mother reported her son had bruises and burns all over his body.

State police arrested Holdaway on suspicion he put the toddler in the dryer and turned it on.

“I was shocked. I didn't know how it happened."

Rachel Sublett is still trying to understand what happened to her 21-month-old son.

"As I saw it I just kind of panicked,” said Sublett.

She says the two stayed at Dustin Holdaway's house on March 27th.

"Dustin wouldn't really talk to me at all. I don't even think he said two words to me,” said Sublett.

She says Dustin gave her son a bath and then she put him to bed… he seemed okay.

He was whimpering kind of whiny— it was a normal sound for me,” said Sublett. “He kind of whines a bit when he's ready to get up, so it sounded like it usually does.”

And what she saw next was terrifying.

"I said Dustin he has burns or blisters all over his face. I was still in the other room at this point and I could hear Dustin said what,” said Sublett.

She immediately rushed her son to the hospital.

"The right side of face kept swelling. By the time we got to DeVos, it was black and blue and his right eye was swollen shut,” said Sublett.

Holdaway's preliminary examination will continue in two weeks.

At that time, the doctor who did an evaluation on the toddler is expected to testify.