Solon Township Joins Cedar Fire Department Merger Agreement

Four Townships are looking to unite under one financially challenged fire department.

Cedar Fire and Rescue services four townships in Leelanau County. Two of the townships primarily fund the department, but the other two are hoping to increase their involvement.

Three townships recently approved a merger agreement. One township has been sitting on the fence.

Tonight, people from Solon, Kasson, Cleveland, and Centerville met tonight at the Cedar Fire Department to voice their concerns about the department’s future.

“I honestly don’t know how we will be able to continue,” says Cedar Fire fighter Tim Johnson. ”I can truly say I do not know why Solon Township is so against this merger when it is clear it will help improve services.”

Township citizens feel this merger is necessary.

“Change is difficult, and this is going to require change and how businesses has been done,” says Solon Township resident Janis Frazee. “But how business has been done is not working any longer, and is not going to work in the future.”

The reasons behind the merger are clear.

“As of right now we’re underfunded. We have turn over gear that’s not certifiable, and we are very short staffed,” says Johnson.

“Centerville and Solon Township cannot afford to do this along without the support of Kasson and Cleveland Townships,” Frazee adds. “This is needed so that we can continue to have timely, professional, excellent fire and rescue services available for our community.”

As the Solon Township board met tonight, people were anxious for their answer.

“We really hope this merger goes through. It can only benefit everyone at the department,” Johnson says.

At the end of the night, Solon Township joined the other three townships in publically approving the interlocal fire department agreement.