Breakfast on the Farm in Mason County will Feed Thousands this Weekend

You're invited to Michigan’s kick-off "Breakfast on the Farm" event in Mason County.

The hosting farm in Free Soil is excited to feed guests and teach them more about the origins of their food.

“People have lost touch with where their food comes from. And it's not Walmart or Meijer or big stores. Food starts at a farm at some level,” said Stakenas Farm Owner Bill Stakenas.

The Stakenas Farm in Free Soil has been prepping since January to take part in its first "Breakfast on the Farm."

The event aims to get people in touch with the roots of their food.

“Initially, I was hoping to have 1,500 (people). The extension people are telling us to expect 2,000 plus.”

All those people will be fed for free and given tours.

It's a lot of food, but the whole community's pitching in.

“Two-hundred eighty pounds of pancake batter and 6,000 sausage links. 400 gallons of apple juice has been donated by Indian summer. Peterson Farms has donated us apple slices.”

They're joining in the effort with MSU Extension because a lot of people aren't familiar with farming.

“In most of society, we’re more than two generations removed from a rural setting,” said Seth Earl, who’s helping organize the breakfast. “Less than two percent of the country lives on farms. So they're really in the vast minority of people.”

The farm says one of the most surprising elements of the tour is going to be how much technology farmers use to keep their animals fed.

“I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at all the moving parts and nuances that each farm has. Especially dairy farms, because they are non-stop pretty much working around the clock.”

Stakenas Farm will provide visitors with boots to keep them clean.

There will be 18 different stops people can go to learn about farming techniques.

“Some of the technologies that are available that farmers utilize. GPS technology, drone technology on bigger farms out west.”

Rain or shine, the breakfast is on for July 11. You can get tickets here