Nearly 2,000 Volunteers Help Make National Cherry Festival Successful

The National Cherry Festival is busy, and nearly everywhere you look at the Open Space you'll see a volunteer.

It takes nearly 2,000 volunteers to host a successful festival each year, and there is still time to get involved.

9& 10's Kalin Franks spent the day talking to volunteers and is live at the Open Space.


It takes around the clock volunteers to keep this festival running. And we learned today that no matter what your job is- something about volunteering just gets in your blood.

“I just really like it. I like to deal with people, I like to deal with children, I certainly enjoy all that goes on, all the activities, I’m willing to go to anything and work anything and it’s just fun,” said Diane “Pookie Bear” Dennis.

Diane is no stranger to volunteering for National Cherry Festival, this is her 35th year being involved.

“I like everything about it, but I really enjoy the families and the children.”

Meanwhile across the open space, Casey is just thirty minutes into her first every Nation Cherry Festival volunteer shift.

“I’m a hospitality student and I was like ‘this is going to be a great opportunity to travel up north and why not help out’,” said Casey McNamee.

Whether it's valet parking your bicycle, keeping traffic flowing, cleaning up from the crowds or calling your bingo game, you can find nearly 2,000 volunteers here this week.

“Volunteering is a tradition, just like the festival itself,” said Trevor Tkach, National Cherry Festival executive director. “We rely on the volunteers, they are the lifeblood of the festival.”

Volunteer Sue Sobocienski said, “I do, I love it. I’m really hooked on it, just the people, just fun getting down here and seeing from all over the country and seeing from everywhere.”

Maybe it’s your thirtieth year, or you’re just thirty minutes in, the team here will help you in any way they can, and if you're willing to join them- they'll find the perfect place for you.

“You can come with me and I will try to find you a job that you're interested in, we will look and see what’s available and we will line you up with someone to help you and then you'll do a great job and we just know it!”

They are still taking volunteers this week, you can simply just walk up to the volunteer booth in the open space, and they will help get you all set up.

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