False Report Has Police On High Alert In Nation’s Capital

The Navy Yard in Washington D.C. was on high alert this morning after a report of an active shooter on base.

The report turned out to be false but it triggered a full-scale response from law enforcement.

The person who called in the report did what she was trained to do after she heard what she thought was gun shots.

Police do not believe at this time that it was a hoax.

Two years ago a shooter killed 12 people and injured 3 others at the same location.

After the shooting in 2013, the base was better prepared for the situation they found themselves in.

“They have great processes and procedures in place for us to do exactly what we need to do when we need to do it. We immediately did shelter in place when we did it today.”

Police are on high alert after the FBI issued a bulletin that terrorists might try to target July 4th festivities.