Update : Michigan Senate Passes Road Funding Plan

Michigan lawmakers started another attempt to find money to fix the roads.
The senate passed a road funding plan that would raise the gas tax.    
And it was a close one.
It passed 20-to-19, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley breaking a tie.
The plan would raise the gas tax 15 cents per gallon and the diesel fuel tax to 19 cents per gallon.
That would come over the next three years.
Hundreds of thousands in spending cuts would also be redirected to road funding.
Although this seems like a move forward, some lawmakers thinks it's a step in the wrong direction.
“I just think that the house passed a bad plan, the senate passed a bad plan. The math doesn't add up that two bad plans make a good one, so I think we're a long ways off of finding the solution that we need.”
The one point five billion dollar proposal now heads to the state house for consideration.