Coast Guard Reminding People to be Safe this Holiday Weekend

Rough waters today on lake Michigan serves as a reminder for people to be careful this holiday weekend.

While we expect beautiful weather for the fourth, beach hazard warnings went into effect in Mason County today.

So the Ludington Coast Guard station was out patrolling the area.

"The biggest thing is be aware," says Kegan Thomson

Rocky waves shouldn't be an issue this weekend, but the Coast Guard says to always be attentive if you're out on the water.

"Especially with younger children you want to keep a close watch on them and always make sure you're wearing a life jacket whenever you're around the water," says Thomson.

On days like today you have high winds and really cold water, which is a dangerous mix for boaters and swimmers.

"They can be swept out and it would make it difficult to get back to shore," says Thomson.

Having the right emergency kit should also be a priority.

"You wanna make sure they have fire extinguishers and they're in proper working order. You want flares and check the quality of your engine and engine compartment," says Thomson.

And if you ever do go overboard, staying near the boat or jet ski is important, because the coast guard will look for large objects during a search and rescue.

But the Mason County Sheriff's Office hopes nothing like that happens. They just want people to be safe.

"They're calling for a nice weekend so sunscreen would be nice. We also ask people if you're gonna party or drink know your limits," says Sheriff Kim Cole.

And like the Coast Guard says — you should always have a flotation device with you.

"We pray that's never needed but it's nice to have if and not need it then not have it me need it," says Cole.