Traffic Lights Restored In Mount Pleasant

In this update, the traffic troubles are over tonight in Mount Pleasant after a power outage knocked out important traffic lights on Mission Street.

Monday afternoon, the lights went out at Mission and High and Mission at Bellows Street.

Police say a crew moving a mobile home accidentally hit a power line.

No one was hurt.


Traffic lights have gone out in Isabella County. 

The Mount Pleasant Police Department reports traffic lights are out at Mission and High Streets and Mission and Bellows Streets. 

They say it happened when a mobile home was being moved down the road and hit a power line, cutting off the power to the traffic lights. 

Crews are working to fix the issue, but do not have know how long it will take to restore power to the traffic lights. 

Consumers website shows more than 1,000 people currently without power.

Police ask travelers to avoid the area, if at all possible. 

No one was hurt in the accident. 

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader as we update you on the status of the traffic lights and power outage.