TC Businesses Prepare For Busy Fourth of July Weekend

The busy Fourth of July weekend is expected to bring thousands of people to Northern Michigan.

Huge crowds are expected to swamp local businesses.

The River and 231 Outfitters in Traverse City is getting ready for the busy weekend.

The owner of both stores says reservations are already filling up.

“There are several dates that are already completely booked in certain time frames,” said Michael Sutherland, owner. 

He says this weekend— he will have double the staff working.

“We have 45 people that will be working over that week. Five of them will be dedicated just to cleaning bathrooms and taking care of the trash,” said Sutherland. 

And downtown businesses like What to Wear has been preparing for the holiday weekend for weeks.

“We get in a lot of inventory this time of year, so we’ve been working hard to get inventory on the floor and rearranging the store,” said Darla Stites, owner of What to Wear. 

Stites says she has met with all her staff to make sure they are ready for the large crowds.

“It’s almost like a train of people coming in through all day,” said Stites. “We make sure we have someone up front, someone in the middle — watching the cash and wrap area and someone all the way in the back .”

It’s going to be a busy weekend, but it’s a weekend both businesses look forward to every year.

“It’s all about communication and team work mainly,” said Stites.