Manhunt Ends, State Of New York Breathes Sigh Of Relief

Towns all over upstate New York are celebrating, now that the search for two dangerous escaped murderers is over.

Police shot and captured David Sweat, Sunday, about 2 miles from the Canadian border.

They shot and killed his partner, Richard Matt on Friday.

Late Sunday night, grateful neighbors showed up at the prison to cheer for the police who worked on the manhunt.

Many are calling Police Sergeant Jay Cook a hero.

He was the one who shot David Sweat, when he spotted him about 30 miles away from the prison he escaped from.

“He realized that Sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have disappeared and he fired two shots.”

Sweat told police the original plan was to escape to Mexico with the help of prison worker Joyce Mitchell.

But she never showed up.

Police arrested her, she’s now accused of helping the pair.