Grand Traverse Habitat for Humanity Dedicates Homes to Two Families

A new day for two families, who have sturdy, new homes to stay in tonight with help from Habitat for Humanity.

The Grand Traverse Habitat for Humanity is working on a new housing development on 8th Street and Woodmere Avenue, the Depot Neighborhood

Friday, the nonprofit held a ceremony where they dedicated two of those houses to two families in need.

These homes are net zero homes, powered by solar energy and cost virtually zero dollars in terms of energy costs–making them much more affordable for their new owners.

“It allows us to concentrate on other necessities for the house, I can watch my kids and concentrate on what they’re doing,” said new homeowner Silas Ormsbee.

The families were required to pitch in, logging nearly 300 hours of work on the development, which currently consists of five homes.