Hook and Hunting: Ludington Hosts Fish On For Freedom Event

Fishing events that recognize veterans from every war are popular across the country.

So a group in Ludington decided to start their own Fish On For Freedom this year.

Thursday was the first time the charity event was held in Ludington.

Sixty veterans were driven out on to the lake to fish and relax.

Those who put together this year’s event said the veterans reaction made the whole day worth it.

“Made it worth while, O mean it was just amazing. These guys, it was hilarious because they were supposed to be here at 5:30, they were here at five o’clock in the morning. They were military to the T. They were right on time, we left fifteen minutes early, we were ahead of schedule this morning. There was a World War II vet, he had a bounce in his step, I asked him how it was, he said ‘I’m doing it again tomorrow’,” said Adam Lamb, Fish On For Freedom.

“Just amazing the stories everything you take away, this will last an entire lifetime,” said Bill Downing, U.S. Navy, Persian Gulf Veteran. 

Fish On For Freedom organizers are already working on putting the event again next year.

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