Paddle Boarders Cross Lake Michigan

Sixty miles across Lake Michigan in twenty-five hours, and these guys did it all on paddle boards.

This was no average journey.

Five men from Northern Michigan paddled their way across Lake Michigan.

It was all to raise money for the alliance for the Great Lakes.

The group set out yesterday around 10:30 a.m. from Algoma, Wisconsin.

They made it back to the mitten around 11:30 today in Frankfort.

For Jeff Guy, this all started when he and four friends came up with the idea of paddle boarding across Lake Michigan and doing it to preserve the waters they use.

“We also love the Great Lakes and we know that they’re under attack by pollution and Asian Carp and things like that so we really wanted to make it an event where we could raise money for charity as well,” said Guy.

The group battled 37 degree water and strong waves the entire journey.

“The last hour and a half at night was ridiculous. it was really, really hard people were going pale people were shaking we’d take a short break and people were scared they were going to get hypothermia,” said fellow paddler J. Mueller

Fatigue became a big issue as the group got closer to shore.

“The hardest part was really the last twelve miles we got a strong south wind and big waves that we had to fight and honestly the last twelve miles were probably harder than the first forty eight,” recalled Guy.

As they came ashore, everyone agreed, this adventure was well worth it.

“It feels awesome, it feels awesome. I’m exhausted but just seeing my friends and family here, so happy,” said Guy

The group hoped to raise $10,000, as of the end of the journey they’re about $2,000 short of that goal. To donate, click here.