More Charges Filed Against Man Accused of Shooting Charlevoix Co Sheriff’s Deputy

More charges have been brought against the man accused of shooting a Charlevoix County sheriff’s deputy.

James Cook was involved in a standoff with deputies in May.

Corporal Fred Hasty was shot during a confrontation over a possibly stolen car and is still recovering.

Cook was also injured.

Cook’s now been charged with three counts of assault with intent to murder and three counts of felonious assault, assaulting a police officer causing serious impairment, felony firearm, breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny, unlawful driving away and malicious destruction of personal property. 

Cook was previously charged with a number of other crimes including stealing the car, along with $2,200 in cash and three weapons from a relative’s home, driving while license suspended, and first degree home invasion. 

Cook’s attorney has filed a notice of intent to raise an insanity defense in his home invasion case. 

Bond was set at one-million dollars.