Vasher twins in Harrison draw famous Twitter followers

HARRISON – Many people follow famous athletes on Twitter.  Few people have those athletes follow them back.

Tucker and Tyler Vasher are stars on Twitter.  Not only do they get tweeted by famous athletes, but they also get signed memorabilia from those players and even get to meet a few.

“Seeing our friend Cody get that re-tweet from a football player sparked our interest,” Tyler Vasher said.  “So then we started trying it, and we got a lot of good feedback, and a lot of followers, stuff like that.  Twitter’s been pretty good to us.

The twin brothers are in a wheelchair because of a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  It means their bones break easily.  However it has not stopped the 20-year old brothers from meeting former Lions star Ndamukong Suh after a game in Detroit last season.

Mike Trout recently sent Tucker some signed equipment before a surgery in Chicago.  A cell phone video in which Tucker thanked the American League Most Valuable Player and Angels star has made the brothers even more nationally famous.

“It’s been a huge way for me to reach out to people,” Tucker Vasher said.  “A lot of people have tweeted me back, and were like ‘Hey man, I think you’re really cool.  You’re a big inspiration,’  I’ve gotten cards, like actual cards from players saying ‘You’re like a fan that I look up to and everything you go through, you’re a big inspiration.’  So, that’s pretty cool.”

However, one of the first items they received was a signed photo from Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.  So if Verlander pitches against Trout anytime soon, the Vasher brothers are going to be pretty torn about who they want to succeed.