UPDATE: Neighborhood Reacts to Drug Bust

More than $7,000 worth of heroin was found close to home for some in Cadillac.

Someone sold heroin to an undercover Traverse Narcotics Team member Thursday, which led to the large drug bust in Cadillac Friday.

The Traverse Narcotics Team says they arrested two men from Detroit for bringing more than 250 doses of heroin into the area.

We don’t have names or where exactly the bust happened, but the Traverse Narcotics Team says it was in the neighborhood between First Avenue and Farrar Street.

It has people in that area concerned.

“I wish that all the junkies on the street would be cleaned up and taken care of so that my children don’t have to be around it as they get older,” says Talitha Birgy. She has two kids, so knowing drugs are in her neighborhood does not sit well with her.

“It’s kind of terrifying. There’s a lot of children that run around, myself having two, a 5 and 1-year-old. I always have kids here. We’re outside a lot so if we were on a walk and find something like that, my kids would be terrified,” says Birgy.

That’s her biggest concern, that her kids might come across something and put it in their mouth without knowing what it is.

Same goes for Brandon Bennett. He and his wife have a 2-year-old with another one the way.

“It’s alarming that there’s more drugs in this neighborhood and that it’s getting closer to home,” says Bennett.

He’s so fed up, he says he might leave the area.

“We’re trying to stay in the neighborhood to raise a family but with more drugs coming in it kind of makes me want to move out of Cadillac,” says Bennett.

Others say hearing about heroin in the area isn’t that shocking.

“No surprise at all. This neighborhood has long had a problem with drugs. We have a lot of absentee landlords who really just rent to anyone who has a check, at least for a couple of months before they get kicked out. Nobody really cares what happens on this street anymore,” says Dawn Coon, who also lives in the neighborhood.

The Traverse Narcotics Team says they believe the two men brought the heroin into the area to be sold in Wexford and Grand Traverse counties.

Their identities will be released after they’re arraigned.


A large drug bust happened in Wexford County after someone sold heroin to an undercover officer.

That person was arrested Thursday as part of an ongoing investigation into heroin distribution in Cadillac.

Further investigation led to two more arrests, both men from the Detroit area, for bringing heroin to Wexford and Grand Traverse Counties.

They had 25 grams of heroin on them–that’s roughly 250 doses.

None of the three have been arraigned.